Cnj. - 1. Graphic design studio develops websites and e-commerce. 2. In Latin, an inclusive "o" conjunction that guarantees the widest possible range of choices among the possible options. 3. Media agency that deals with the identity of a brand, e.g. "

Vel is a web agency in Venice

develops corporate image projects 4. Logical operator that in computer science returns "true" result more often than the others 5. Develops apps, video and 3D models. Underlines the importance of the dialogue, sharing opinions and points of view 7. In Social media marketing, eg "Vel improves visibility on social media" 8. Plans business events and congresses 9. It writes, rewrites, defines, redefines the art of leading reasoning, argumentation, speach in order to connect ideas each other let them develop with a rational procedure from one another, where the imperfection and ambiguity of language are poetry.